About Chains (New)
Transmission chains are a critical component in all motor vehicles. They connect the power from the engine to drive wheels. Unlike rubber belts, chains do not get twisted, stretched, or broken; they will run almost perfectly straight under load (and with very little maintenance). Different types of wholesale chains new include: V-belts, mesh belts, and timing chains. Gearbox chains consist of small gears and pinions turned together with the main gear and a large pinion in an oil-lubricated system that allows gears to be continually in motion without fluid leaks. Transmission roller chains refer to the auxiliary power transmission devices, which are used to connect the larger-diameter sprocket to the transmission output, and they have the advantages of simple structure, effective transmission effect, small wear loss, long service life, and so on. Another type of chains new that we offer is the precision transmission chain, which is usually used in very low-speed applications. Precision chains are also very low friction. Several different types of industrial machinery require the use of such products. Transmission chains have widened over the years from being a single chain to a series of diamond-shaped rollers. Low-mass alloy transmission chains are used in the majority of circumstances, while high-mass steel or rope transmission chains are used when a heavier duty method is required. Explore our online selection for more wholesale chains new .