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Casement windows series
  • Casement windows series
  • Casement windows series

Casement windows series

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Product Specifications
Casement Windows
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Aluminum Alloy
Screen Netting Material
Stainless Steel
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Product Description

Our casement windows represent high quality and longevity. We use advanced product development, production and testing processes, as well as modern laboratories to manufacture our products, and have passed comprehensive certification for ISO9001 and ISO14001 to ensure high quality and longevity. Our casement windows have the following advantages:

Precision linking: We use sturdy, impact-resistant, durable, fire-resistant, and radiation-free linking systems to ensure the stability and durability of the casement windows.

Imported hardware: We use hardware that meets international safety standards, so the casement windows open smoothly and without noise.

Automotive-grade glass: We use glass with excellent riot resistance to enable the casement windows to withstand strong vibrations or impacts.

Precision linking system: We use a high-tech aerospace aluminum linking system, which can fully play its advantages in functionality, and ensure the stability of the casement windows.

Safety explosion-proof system: We use advanced tempered glass which is not easily penetrated even when subjected to extreme force, providing users with peace of mind in daily use.

Constantly bright and clean system: Our casement windows incorporate a unique anti-UV formula, which can withstand harsh weather and maintain high gloss and color vibrancy.

Environmental protection and energy-saving system: We use recyclable materials to make the windows more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, meeting modern demands for green and environmentally responsible products.

Comfortable surface system: Our casement windows integrate the aluminum and paint into a seamless whole, creating a pure and beautiful color, so users can experience a higher quality of life.

Minimalist design system: We use creative concepts, combined with expertise and experience, and subject our windows to multiple tests, such as explosion resistance, acid resistance, life testing, precision testing, shading testing, water tightness testing, air tightness testing, compression testing, and sound insulation testing, to ensure their excellent performance and high quality.

Overall, our casement windows are a high-quality product that meets strict requirements and can provide users with a more comfortable, safe, and environmentally friendly experience.

Casement windows series from China supplier
Casement windows series from China supplier
Casement windows series from China supplier
Casement windows series from China supplier
Casement windows series from China supplier

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